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Year 5 Maths Mastery Workbook

Year 5 Maths Mastery Workbook
Boost your child's confidence with maths and help them build on their knowledge with TheSchoolRun's Year 5 Maths Mastery Workbook. Practice activities will help them consolidate their skills using the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to numeracy used in maths mastery lessons.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 5

The "maths mastery" approach to numeracy teaching, now common in UK primary schools, builds mathematical understanding and fluency through hands-on practice. You'll find lots of activities to help your child get to grips with the maths curriculum in our maths mastery year-group workbooks (Year 1 Maths MasteryYear 2 Maths MasteryYear 3 Maths MasteryYear 4 Maths Mastery and Year 6 Maths Mastery).

By encouraging methodical reasoning, maths mastery helps children learn to solve problems through the use of pictures and notes, used to show evidence of their thinking and methods.

In the Year 5 Maths Mastery Workbook your child will learn to count forwards and backwards through 0 using positive and negative numbers, continue to use column methods of addition and subtraction with increasingly larger numbers, identify multiples and factors, use square numbers and cube numbers, recognise mixed numbers and improper fractions, make links between fractions, decimals and percentages and equivalents, continue to convert between units of measurement, calculate perimeter and area of shapes, identify, name and measure different angles and interpret tables, graphs and charts.


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