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Year 6 Maths Mastery Workbook

Year 6 Maths Mastery Workbook
Build on your child's mathematical understanding and boost their numeracy confidence with open-ended maths mastery investigations and practice activities, designed to stretch and challenge them and help them develop problem-solving skills.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6

The UK primary school "maths mastery" approach to numeracy teaching aims to build mathematical understanding and fluency through hands-on practice. In our maths mastery year-group workbooks, you'll find lots of activities to help your child get to grips with the maths curriculum at home (Year 1 Maths MasteryYear 2 Maths MasteryYear 3 Maths MasteryYear 4 Maths Mastery and Year 5 Maths Mastery).

Maths mastery helps children learn to solve problems through the use of pictures and notes, used to show evidence of their thinking and methods and to build a logical and methodical train of thought and understanding.

In the Year 6 Maths Mastery Workbook your child will practise reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 10,000,000, recognising the place value of each digit and rounding numbers to any degree of accuracy, using negative numbers in context, choosing which operations to use to solve problems efficiently, multiplying and dividing using standard methods, using knowledge of the order of operations (BODMAS) to solve problems accurately, simplifying, ordering and comparing fractions, satisfying equations to two unknowns, converting between units of measurement and calculating perimeter and area.


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