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The Complete Primary School Learning Library

The Complete Primary School Learning Library
Publication type: eBook

Imagine if you could accelerate your child’s learning, help them overcome educational difficulties, and boost their confidence in their own abilities... What parent wouldn’t jump at that?

The Complete Primary School Learning Library contains every educational resource you’re going to need to support your child’s primary school learning. Yes, you read that right!

We’ve put together all of our best eBooks into one amazing value bundle. That means you could have your very own library of expert resources and guides to support your child’s learning at home, that will accompany your child the whole way through primary school and beyond.

From brilliant new techniques to improve your child’s spelling to a revolutionary new way of learning times tables, we’ve got books to help your child with key aspects of numeracy and literacy, as well as workbooks to guarantee they sail through their SATs, comprehensive guides to primary and secondary school curriculums, and early years activity books. And now you can buy them all in one great-value bundle!

Summary of contents:

Order The Complete Primary School Learning Library today and you’ll receive all these eBooks:


  • Spelling Made Magic – our best-selling book is packed with tips and tricks to help your child master this literacy essential
  • I know my times tables – an innovative technique to help your child master this core numeracy skill
  • Grammar Made Easy – gives you confidence in the grammar basics so you’re fully prepared to help your child
  • Maths Homework Helper – covers all the core maths topics, from the basics of addition and subtraction to multiplication, division, working with measures, shape and space, and handling data
  • Thinkalink – a revolutionary new way to help even the trickiest of spellings stick
  • Literacy Homework Helper – covers all the core literacy topics, including phonics, punctuation, spelling and understanding texts
  • The Big Book of Christmas Activities – packed with new and traditional stories, activities for maths, literacy, geography and science along with tasty recipes, fun facts, word searches, party games and more
  • Primary Maths Glossary – from area to word problems, this numeracy glossary offers a complete guide to all the maths concepts children are taught in EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • The Parents' Guide To Primary School – covering the whole school curriculum and packed with useful tips and advice, this practical book will be your essential companion throughout your child’s primary school years
  • SATS – Practice Makes Perfect – contains sample questions, past papers, study tips and some useful ways to commit learning to memory to help your child prepare for these important exams
  • Primary English Glossary –  from active voice to verb tenses, this is a complete guide to all the literacy and grammar concepts children are taught from Reception to Year 6
  • The Parents' Guide to Secondary School – all you need to know about selecting and applying for schools and how best to support your child through this important transition

If you were to buy each of these eBooks individually, the total cost would be an eye-watering £125.88. But you can buy the whole of this amazing library of educational resources as one bundle for only £80. That’s a massive 36% saving!


All these eBooks will be delivered to you in a format that you can open on any computer – no need for a Kindle – so that means you can download and view them instantly, and there are no additional postage costs. Plus, unlike traditional books that you can only use once, it enables you to print off each of the resources as many times as you need.


The Complete Primary School Learning Library

Published reviews:

'Spelling Made Magic is a wonderful, effective and above all, fun way of helping children learn to spell.

' – Sara, Bedfordshire

'I’m just looking through Grammar Made Easy now and it looks fantastic, just what I need for my son.’ –  Caroline, St Helier, Jersey, C.I

'We love [I know my times tables]! It's very catchy – different ways of trying to explain how to understand, and how to get to the answers. For a child like Kirsty who is working behind and struggling, it's a really fun way to get to grips with times tables; much more exciting than learning by rote.' – Linda

'SATs can be stressful for all involved, but don't need to be. This excellent guide [SATs: Practice makes perfect] answered all of my questions, and understanding more made it less stressful for all of us, which is so important.' – Sarah, Norfolk

'As a Head of Learning Support, I am always on the lookout for ways to help children improve spelling and 'tame' demon words. Linking [the method taught in Thinkalink!] has not only enabled many of my pupils to do just that, but by creating their own links it helps put them in control of their learning.' – Bronnie Kenchington, SENCO, Queen Elizabeth Hospital School

'I found Maths Homework Helper a fantastic resource to use with my daughter. It was clear and concise. The examples and vocabulary sections helped my daughter feel more confident to work independently, and I found the sectioning of the articles a great help in keeping her focused on the task in hand.' - Caren Williamson

'The Big Book of Christmas Activities is brilliant! We loved the balance between “doing” and learning activities and especially liked learning about Christmas in other countries. The children particularly enjoyed the accessibly-written Bible stories and the cooking – there is plenty in here to keep any family amused on a wet December day.' – Catherine Cooper