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Year 1 Bundle

Year 1 Bundle
Publication type: eBook

As your child enters KS1 and begins their formal education, make sure they're well equipped with the Year 1 book bundle.

What you will receive in your bundle:

  • The Parents' Guide to Primary School (eBook)
  • I Know My Times Tables (eBook)
  • Thinkalink (eBook)
  • Teach your child phonics (eBook)

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Summary of contents:

The Parents' Guide to Primary School

Starting school can be as exciting for parents as it is for their children. Covering each year from Reception to the final Year 6, The Parents' Guide to Primary School eBook guides parents through questions and issues such as:

  • What is circletime?
  • What are the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages?
  • How are SATs tested?
  • What subjects are taught and how?
  • Special Educational Needs policy
  • What can I do to support my child’s learning at home?

...and so much more. This eBook is every parent’s indispensable guide to managing the first years at school. You’ll refer to it time and again for useful information for new starters, as well as how to tackle issues, what all the jargon means, how to get help for special needs children and advice on how to manage your child’s wellbeing.


Using hilarious ‘links’ to help your child remember how to spell any word, Thinkalink! will take them from mixing up letters to spelling even the most difficult words.

Spelling enthusiast Andy Salmon (or Sir Linkalot, as you’ll come to know him) will show you and your child how to create quick and funny rhymes that put the letters in a word in the correct formation, making them far easier to remember. This fantastic eBook is packed with more than a thousand links to get you started, and a super simple guide to creating your own ones.

The linking technique, based on mnemonics but upgraded for the twenty-first century, is a fast and funny guide to spelling every word. By creating rhymes that put letters in the correct formation, linking can be applied to any and every word. This guide is packed with more than a thousand links to get you started, and a super simple guide to creating your own links.

Whether your child is just starting to learn to spell, is a struggling learner or is striding forwards in the gifted and talented group, they will all love learning these clever and pithy links. As spelling correctly is a life skill, this book is ideal for children and parents alike.

Teach your child phonics

Teach your child phonics is a reference guide and home-teaching kit which will help you understand exactly what phonics skills your child is expected to have mastered by the end of KS1.

In Teach your child phonics eBook, you’ll discover:

  • The vocabulary/terminology your child is being taught at school, so you can refer to the same concepts at home.
  • An explanation of the methods they use in the classroom so you don’t end up doing more harm than good by trying to teach them in a different way.
  • Why it is so important to support your child's reading at home and how phonics can help them learn to read in a stress-free, enjoyable way.

I know my times tables

Use these great techniques and soon your child will not only know all 12 of their times tables, but will be SINGING them! This best-selling eBook, exclusive to TheSchoolRun, gives you catchy rhymes and quirky games for each times table, to turn what was once a dull and boring task into a fun experience for everyone. I Know My Times Tables is a hit with Mums, Dads, kids and teachers everywhere!

“We love this! It's very catchy - different ways of trying to explain, how to understand, HOW to get to the answers. For a child like Kirsty who is working behind and struggling, it's a really fun way to get to grips with times tables; much more exciting than learning by rote.” – Linda