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Two children laughing and writing
5 tips on inspiring your funny child to write jokes
Comedy is often an underrated learning tool. It can encourage your child to be creative, express their individuality and help them engage in reading, writing and performance. Encourage your child’s inner comedian with these tips from stand-up comedian, children’s author and comedy writer Steven Vinacour.
Kids in costume at Halloween party
Classic costumes for a cheap & cheerful Halloween
Halloween is an exciting holiday for many children, but for parents and carers it can be a smidge stressful. Try keeping it simple this year with our editor's pick of Halloween costumes that are timeless (which means they could also be reused). Sometimes, going back to the basics can save you time, money and stress!
Two girls gardening with tools
Grow a love of gardening with these tools for kids
Gardening isn't just for the grandparents; it's a hugely popular pastime for people of all ages! Gardening (and being outdoors) has so many benefits in terms of physical and emotional development, and learning about the world around us. You can use the tools below to get started and encourage a love of growing. Who knows? Maybe this will be a new family hobby!
Summer Camps Trust
Residential summer camp guide for parents
Summer camps are becoming bigger and better, with a huge selection of offerings in the UK. But many primary-school parents are unaware or unsure of what summer camps are, how they’re run, and what the benefits are for their children.

That’s why we asked Christopher Green MBE from Summer Camps Trust to answer some of the burning questions parents have about summer camps in the UK.
Girls blowing bubbles in garden
24 fun toys for summer outdoor learning
It's well established that outdoor play is important for young learners and provides opportunities to develop physical, social, fine and gross motor skills. Our editor, Kate Morgan, has put together her top picks of outdoor toys. So get the kids outside, having fun and learning this summer. Let the games begin!
Silly family photo
Fun gifts for silly parents
Silly dads, mums, grandads, carers, step parents, teachers – we all know at least one silly family member (if not several!). Find a fun gift for a special occasion that compliments their wacky personality. It's time to celebrate that silly someone who brightens up your day.
Bigstock mother and son listening in bed
Best audiobooks for primary school kids
Audiobooks are a wonderful way to enjoy stories, especially for those who struggle with reading. With so many to choose from, we've rounded up some of our favourite audiobooks for primary-school kids, so that you have a good place to start!
Halloween image from bigstock
6 low-cost ideas for a happy Halloween
Halloween is an exciting time for children but many parents worry about the cost of costumes, decorations, treats and parties. With the cost-of-living crisis putting the pressure on, how can we make it a memorable holiday for our kids with minimum damage to our bank accounts? We’ve come up with some ideas that might help…
Best time travel and travel slip books for children
Best time travel and travel slip books for children
Time travel is a topic that will never cease to captivate kids' imaginations. Ancient Rome, Victorian Britain, where would you time travel to? We've collected some of our favourite time travelling and time slip novels for children that will keep their noses buried in their books and excited for the next chapter. Enjoy!
Best graphic novels for children
Best graphic novels for children
In the past children were often discouraged from reading graphic novels because they weren’t seen as ‘real’ books but, in fact, the vocabulary, storylines and humour are highly sophisticated and offer reluctant readers a brilliant introduction to the world of books. Children’s book expert and founder of children’s book review platform Toppsta, Georgina Atwell, picks 10 of the best to capture children’s imagination.
A child's guide to writing a scary story
Writing spooky stories: a guide for kids
Can you scare your friends silly with a spooky story? Are you a master of suspense and a lover of all things supernatural? Learn how to keep readers on the edge of their seat with a terrifying tale with writing tips from Phil Hickes, author of the spine-tingling Aveline Jones series for readers aged 9+.
Green cooking for kids
Green cooking for kids: healthy food that's good for the planet
Is your child a future eco-foodie? Learn to cook healthy sweet or savoury crêpes, veg-peel crisps and apple and ginger flapjacks with an extract from Green Kids Cook, a sustainable cooking and living guide for kids from cookery writer and teacher Jenny Chandler.
What children can learn from magic tricks
What children can learn from magic tricks
Abracadabra! Here's how learning magic tricks can help your child develop skills that will last a lifetime.
Best detective stories for KS2 kids
Best detective stories for KS2 kids
With plots to uncover, mysteries to solve and codes to break you'll need to work hard to join the best junior detectives and super-smart sleuths in children's literature. Puzzle your way through our pick of the best detective stories for KS2 kids.
Wildlife projects for children
9 wildlife projects for kids
Help your child learn about and look after native species with these great outdoor activities.
Transforming family walks
12 ways to make walking fun for kids
Take the whinging out of walking with these great ideas for helping your child enjoy getting out and about.
Best online drawing tutorials for children
Best online drawing tutorials for children
Does your child love to draw, doodle, paint and sketch? Help them learn new techniques and perfect their own versions of their favourite characters with a host of free draw-along videos from children's book illustrators and animation artists.
Zero budget activities for kids
9 ways to keep your child busy on zero budget
Feeling the pinch? These brilliant ideas will banish boredom without testing your bank balance.
Buy toys safely online
How do you know if a toy is safe to buy online?
Every year, more and more of us buy toys online rather than in person. When you can't examine packaging or speak to retail staff, it's vital to know how to spot dangerous toys, so follow the Child Accident Prevention Trust's advice to help you make a safe choice for your child.
Family fireworks safety
Family fireworks safety
Even if you have never lit a firework in your life, you might be thinking about putting on your own back-garden display for your family. The Child Accident Prevention Trust offer advice to help you make an informed decision and avoid buying seriously dangerous fireworks, as well as suggesting plenty of ideas for firework-free fun.
Summer challenges for primary school children
The best summer challenges for kids
Help your child keep those brain cells active throughout the holidays with these brilliant activities, from reading to computer coding.
Art and sculpture projects for children
Art and sculpture projects for children
Help your child develop their artistic skills with three hands-on sculpture projects in our extract from Wonder Art Workshop by Sally Haughey.
Paper play projects for children
4 paper play projects for children
Paper can be a snowflake, a paper chain, a fortune teller, a windmill, a piece of modern art, a magic trick, a sculpture, a hat or any one of a hundred other things. Find out just how much fun a humble sheet of paper can be with this extract from Paper Play: Roll it. Rip it. Fold it. Snip it! by Lydia Crook. All you need is scissors and glue – and paper, of course!
Storytelling tips for parents
5 ways to bring stories to life for your child
Develop your child's creativity – and yours! – by telling and sharing stories. Performance storyteller John Kirk offers a few expert tips to help you make an ordinary retelling of a traditional tale memorable and magical.
Screen-free activities for children
4 things for kids to do screen-free
Step away from the iPad, turn off the TV and put down the phone: there are so many brilliant things to do that don't involve screens (but do involve lots of fun!). Learn to make chalk paint, create a space nebula, fold your own pet (paper, origami) frog and take your first steps into garden art with an extract from 101 Things for Kids to do Screen-Free by Dawn Isaac.
Play for primary school children
Why play matters to primary school children
In school and out, play is an important part of every child’s life. We asked child psychotherapists and play experts to explain how imaginative and structured play helps your child learn, develop and grow and offer tips to help support playful learning at home.
Best kids' activity packs to download
Best kids' activity packs to download
Top up the resource bank and keep the kids busy at home with reading, puzzles, crafting, science and other screen-free activities. They're all available to download for free and you won't need any special equipment, so head off the "I'm bored!" moans and buy yourself a few moments of peace so you can get some of your own work done!
Best podcasts for kids
The best child-friendly podcasts to pass the time
If you’re looking for new ways to keep your kids entertained and educated at home (without eyes on screens!) then look no further. Podcasts are this generation’s radio, except even better because you can be much more specific about what you want to listen to and when.
Become a board game family on a budget
Become a board game family on a budget
Board game designer Ellie Dix, author of The Board Game Family: Reclaim your children from the screen, has tips to help you establish family game time on a budget.
50 of the best virtual trips and educational experiences for families
50 of the best virtual trips and educational experiences for families
In this day and age, we may be spending more time indoors but thanks to our laptops and devices we can let the world come to us instead – take a trip round Frida Kahlo’s kitchen, share some chocolate cake with Michael Rosen and journey to the International Space Station with our pick of 50 of the best virtual trips and educational experiences. By Hetty Walton
Best live streams for primary home learning
20 of the best live streams for kids
Help your primary-age child stay educated and entertained with our round-up of the best live streams for kids.
Family learning activities at the British Museum in London
Museums reviewed by parents: British Museum
World-renowned, big columns, ancient artefacts, absolutely enormous – what else comes to mind when thinking about a visit to the British Museum? Our family testers found the wealth of resources on hand for children, and share their top tips for a grand day out.
Movie age ratings: a parents' guide
A parent’s guide to movie age ratings
Planning a family film night but not sure if the movie is suitable for everyone? Find out how film ratings are decided, why they're used and how relevant the classifications actually are in our parents' guide and make an informed decision about what film to watch next with the kids.
Children helping others with charity work
16 ways your child can make a difference to others
From donating outgrown shoes to planting trees, there are lots of ways for your child to support charities, help the environment and take care of their community. Here are few of our favourites.
Museum of London as viewed from above
Museums reviewed by parents: Museum of London
Discover the extensive history of the British capital at the Museum of London, which is also the largest urban history collection in the world!

Safe gaming for kids - a guide for parents
Safe gaming: keeping an eye without becoming a spy
Help your child navigate the gaming world safely with our practical, tip-packed guide for modern parents.
Game age ratings: a guide for parents
Game age ratings and what they mean
There are a lot of great, child-friendly games out there and classifications are incredibly useful. Familiarising yourself with the labels is a great place to start to help your child have a safe and fun gaming experience.
Managing child's gaming and screen time
How much gaming is too much?
Every parent worries about the amount of time their kids spend gaming and it can be difficult to know what restrictions to put in place. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to parenting a gamer, but here are some tips to help you get the best out of their gaming time.
Help your child become a lifelong reader
9 easy tips to help your child enjoy reading
It's never been harder for parents and teachers to inspire children to read – we're competing with shiny screens and addictive games, and a child's interest can change like the weather! In How to Raise a Reader, Pamela Paul and Maria Russo describe unexpected, innovative ways to introduce your child to the wonders of the written word.
Benefits of board games for kids
13 ways playing board games benefits your child
Switch off the computer and get out a family board game – fun and learning guaranteed!